Industrial Machine Vision Solutions

Artemis Vision is a machine-vision solution provider that utilizes industry-leading hardware and software engineering to optimize processes. Our approach leverages our full test lab, in-house fabrication capabilities, and software development team to prototype, design, integrate and deliver proven solutions. This unique combination allows us to deliver on time and at a lower cost than our competitors.

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Artemis Vision uses software built in a variety of languages, depending on our customer's needs: C, C++ C#, OpenGL, CUDA, Java, Python, Halcon, MIL, Autovision, Visionscape, Vision Pro, OpenCV, VPM, GenICam, GigE Vision, etc.

Artemis Vision Applications Include:

Automation UV Inspection Quality Control Defect Detection
3D Inspection Thermal Imaging Measurement High-Speed Imaging
Track and Trace Robotic Vision Multi-channel Video Real-time Remote Video

Artemis Vision Products:

visionStation()™ A small-parts plug and play machine-vision inspection station.
smartTunnel()™ A multi-camera array for all-over data matrix inspections in fast-moving conveyor environments.
visionWrangler()™ A standardized networked machine-vision system that integrates image-based record-keeping, robust analytics and customizable alerts across multiple facilities, to serialize and record everything you ship.

Artemis Vision System Provide:

Traceability Systems capture and stores product images that link defects in the field to specific product traits on the manufacturing line.
Repeatability Industrial automation standardizes quality control across shifts, production lines and over long production cycles, ensuring every unit consistently meets the same standards.
Transparency Systems remove the guesswork from complex industrial automation processes by catching them immediately and analyzing instantly. We gain access to full production data to isolate intermittent or non-human detectable problems and help eliminate them from the production cycle.
Efficiency Artemis Vision assists a variety of industries to reduce scrap and the cost of manual inspection leading to a fast return on investment.

Artemis Vision also provides custom machine-vision integration solutions that leverage vision-guided robotics, high-speed imaging, thermal/IR imaging, 3D imaging and computer vision software tools. We assist you in catching more manufacturing defects up front and recognizing when something goes wrong in your industrial automation process instantly. We cover you on the back-end by storing detailed data and images that reduce liability and increase credibility. 

We have offices in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC to provide responsive insight and support to complex issues that demand immediate attention, wherever they may occur. Contact us today to get a quote, or to discuss your industrial automation problems at 303-832-1111 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Artemis Vision can help your company save money, save time, increase credibility, and decrease liability. Try out Khronos, our free time-lapse software, available in the downloads area.