Machine Vision Systems Costs

What will a machine vision system cost me?

$10K - $200K.  We have systems in place that were less than $10K (on time and materials it just came in lower).  We have systems in place that cost over $200K.  If you need a number a typical, single line simple inspection is going to run around $20K.  That's the very rough answer.

How do I weigh the costs and benefits?

Costs (plug in $20K for now).

Benefits. What does the escape of bad product cost?  What if a customer of yours audits your inspection process?

How do we go about exploring this?

Send us an email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or call (303)832-1111.  

We will want to know the following:

Sample parts (most important)

Time Constraints: What cycle time requirements do you have? How many parts per minute should the system be capable of? Can we stop the part for inspection? If not, at what speed does the part move past the inspection point?

Physical Constraints: What space do we have to work? Are there space constraints the system needs to fit into?

Inspection Requirements: How is the part presented? How big is the Area of Interest? What is the minimum defect size we need to find?

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