Angle Detection

Are you experiencing offset coin stamping errors due to misaligned dies in the minting process? Artemis Vision has built an automated die alignment system to help resolve quality issues.

Artemis Vision has recently designed and built an angle detection vision system that is being used by the US Mint, to ensure the correct alignment of coin dies. By combining industry-leading software and camera technology, the angle detection system can pair directly with an existing grinder to identify and key in accurate angles on engraved dies to achieve proper alignment during the coin pressing stage.

The software confidently and quickly assists the operator in displaying an expected angle, reported angle, and angle error on a chosen die type. This vision system helps by saving a significant amount of time during die changeovers, and reducing any uncertainty around die alignment. The angle detection system boasts a sleek and small enclosure, that can withstand different environments, making it especially easy to deploy with existing operations. Integrating the system will not only provide more consistent results, but also a higher quality product, and increased throughput.

Artemis Vision always builds out a configuration for the process, using standardized trusted components, and using only the best-of-breed suppliers of technologies that provide unsurpassed reliability while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Each system we build is thoroughly tested prior to installation and comes with on-site training, on-demand support and an optional maintenance plan. You can rest assured that your operation is in full compliance, with minimal downtime, a predictable cost, and with little to no impact on cycle times.

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