Other Applications

Artemis works with FLIR thermal imaging cameras to provide custom thermography solutions for a variety of applications. Using MVTec's HALCON machine vision library, Artemis Vision can help build market defining new technologies. Examples are below.
[All images are copyrighted by MVTec, Munich, Germany.]

Automatic Data Collection and Image Segmentation:

satellite image   satellite image
A satellite image is enhanced and segmented using custom image processing software allowing the image to be more precisely evaluated in real-time. Satellite images often require segmentation due to factors like environmental conditions, poor resolution and poor illumination. Since any image analysis depends on the quality of this segmentation, it is important to use software optimized for the purpose.   A false-color image is generated in order to ease the detection of features that are not readily discernible otherwise – for example the use of near infrared for the detection of vegetation. While a false-color image can be created using only the visual spectrum (to show visible color differences), typically some data is from electromagnetic radiation outside the visual spectrum The choice of spectral bands is determined by the specific application and the physical properties of the materials being viewed.

Robotic Parts Tracking:

satellite image   satellite image
A component tracking system could be developed for a project that integrates field sensors, portable computers, wireless communication, and real-time 3D coordinate measurement systems. Individual parts scheduled for arrival on the assembly site are identified using bar codes or other means.   The encoded information is scanned directly into a portable computer or wirelessly relayed to a project database. A query to the project database could return graphical representations of scanned objects and additional information as appropriate.