Windshield Defect Inspection System


Windshield Defect Inspection System

Automotive OEMs are required to meet a high set of industry standards and must choose wisely when partnering with industry manufacturers to ensure they fulfill specifications and deliver the highest quality and safest products to their customers. Defects that go unnoticed may jeopardize the safety and satisfaction of their customers and lead to enormous amounts of waste, costly recalls, and chargebacks from Automakers.

About the System
The team at Artemis Vision has created a vision solution, the Windshield Defect Inspection System, to resolve these painful issues. The system has been designed and developed to help windshield manufacturers ensure that they are meeting industry standards. Why take chances when you can provide more reliable and repeatable results with a robust vision system that does all the inspecting before it leaves the factory floor. The Windshield Defect Inspection System is intended to be implemented after the lamination process, where manufacturers run into some of the most difficult defect challenges. The bonding process during lamination leaves plenty of opportunities for foreign objects to enter the product, which can lead to improper lamination. Varying sizes of particles and bubble defects may now be present on the windshield glass but poses a major problem as it is not always noticeable to operators during a manual inspection.  

Artemis Vision has both the knowledge and expertise in the industry to provide the most effective hardware and software for the solution, however, the system is also one of the most affordable on the market. The Windshield Defect Inspection System comes installed and ready for use, including industrial vision cameras, an easy-to-use operator station, an industrial PC, control panel and a stack light that alerts the user. In addition, Artemis’ proprietary software is tailored to accommodate tight tolerances and provide the manufacturer with confidence that they are investing in a consistently reliable system.

System Capabilities
The Automotive Windshield Inspection System can inspect dual-pane laminated glass with defects types ranging from bubbles, particles, bullseyes, imperfect surfaces, inclusions (stones, knots), and surface spots. The system can also recognize these challenging defects within seconds of being presented and can accommodate defect sizes down to just 2 mm or lower depending on client needs. The system has been designed and developed to deploy easily with current lines and accommodate small to large operations. Operators will welcome the intuitive system that allows tolerances to be set per job before running inspections. After an inspection runs, results will be relayed to the PC and stack light will alert the operator of the windshield results so they can proceed by providing a pass or fail decision based on the set threshold requirements, and send the windshields off for packaging and shipping.

Artemis Vision's Process
Artemis Vision’s test-based approach will determine the appropriate components needed to meet criteria of the defects and tolerances. The ability for operator collaboration and defect size capability makes the Automotive Windshield Inspection System one of a kind in the industry. While there are other inspection solutions out there for glass cutting, float glass manufacturing, and curve inspection, there are not many that will find defects after the lamination process, which may be one of the most critical times to save the manufacturer time and money. This end-of-line system is affordable, can be scaled to meet the need of requirements and will help improve manufacturing processes all at an affordable cost for a quick return on investment.

Manufacturers not only require aesthetic quality but must also pay close attention to defects that can be hazardous for their customers. Artemis Vision’s system is proven to assist the operator in inspecting the final product and log images from inspections to provide an accountable process that will help avoid unnecessary waste and recall costs. Don't jeopardize your production quality, let us help you achieve customer satisfaction and more consistent results every time with the Automotive Glass Windshield Inspection System.

Technical Specifications 

Cycle Time

Approximately 1.2 seconds

Defect Size Capability

2 mm

*Higher resolution models available

Operating System

Windows 7/10


3 Cameras, Touch Screen Operator Station, Control Panel, Stack Light, Industrial PC, Artemis Vision Software


Designed for continuous 24/7 operation


Include the optional visionWrangler™ module for complete end-to-end process visibility and visual record-keeping.

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