Container Cap Verification System


Container Cap Verification System

The Problem

Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and consumer good companies alike are facing quality and waste issues on production lines across the country. Tilted and skewed container caps are the result of incorrect cross threading, which can lead to leaks, waste, and unnecessary costs. Manufacturers in these industries must meet strict quality standards and eliminate any errors associated with incorrectly sealed bottles before they leave the factory.

The Solution

Artemis Vision has recently worked with a local bottling plan to ensure that they have a successful vision solution to correct this frustrating problem. The Container Cap Verification System inspects bottles and containers to ensure caps are sealed correctly and tightly before leaving the facility. By eliminating faulty containers from the line prior to shipping, the manufacturer will avoid excess waste and costs due to returns, leakage, and spoiled product. The system works to alleviate these problems by simply alerting operators of production issues as they occur, so they can fix them immediately without the costly and time-consuming consequences.

System Components and Capabilities

The Container Cap Verification system is a fully automated solution that includes a high-speed camera, lighting, lenses and a photo-eye, which is easily integrated into current production lines. The system is adaptable to high conveyor speeds and is floor-mounted to allow for installation over many conveyor types. Artemis has ensured that the system is easy-to-use by equipping it with a quality operator HMI that is simple to install, easy to understand and capable of being modified for custom user requirements. As bottles are presented on the conveyor, the through beam photo-eye, located on the leading edge of the bottle or container will trigger when it becomes occluded. The program will then run to complete a robust inspection for the specified defects, and set an output high on failure, based on the configurable pixel tolerances.

Whether it’s missing caps, loose caps or tilted caps that are the issue, our system is effective in detecting defects on bottles and containers of any size and weight and can accommodate up to 8000 bottles per hour. Cap sizes can reach up to 100mm and even be inspected in a variety of colors.

The Artemis system gives manufacturers the opportunity to work with the controls supplier to ensure that the correct bottle is rejected based on the signal received from the vision system. Easily deployable on current lines, the system will not disrupt current operations, but instead add accountability, repeatability, and accuracy to the production process. With the vision system in place, manufacturers can now store images for historical analysis and can confidently answer questions and concerns from customers.


While pharmaceutical, food and beverage, consumer good, and chemical manufacturers are just some of the industries that utilize bottles and containers, there may still be other production lines where this application can be similarly implemented. Although there are other cap inspection systems on the market, there are none integrated quite like Artemis Vision. The engineering team has the experience and expertise needed to provide a test-based approach and innovative plan before implementing this system. Artemis’ overall solution is based on newer technologies and thus performs successfully and is significantly less expensive than other solutions.

Trust that Artemis Vision’s turnkey, easy-to-use Container Cap Verification System will provide the most robust inspection results and a significantly more productive production line over time. Call Artemis Vision today to discuss your solution, and help keep your customers happy, improve throughput times and ensure quality standards are being met.