3D Inspection and Imaging

SICK 3D Imaging

3D imaging is ideal where height, shape, or volume is of importance for the production process. It allows production plants to improve their up-time, through-put, and product quality giving businesses valuable insight into their production process.

Working with laser line scanners, time of flight, structured light and stereo-vision technologies, we can gather simultaneous 3D and image information, measuring shape, contrast, and surface defects, to ensure product quality and production reliability. 

Key features: 

• 3D shape inspection

• Simultaneous color images

• Field-tested integration

• Rugged environments

• Standards-based software

If you have an elusive issue in your production process, 3D imaging and inspection could be a valuable component in diagnosing, documenting and solving the problem. Let our experienced team help you identify, isolate and contain hard to detect anomalies and recurring events that cause expensive downtime in your facility. Contact us to continue the conversation, we're here to help.

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