Portrait Drawing Robot


Portrait Drawing Robot

Artemis Visions's Masterpiece

As developers of industrial automation and machine-vision applications we try to explore creative and novel ways to test our development skills, and have a bit of fun in the process. STEM education, robotics, and automation continue to drive creativity and innovation, so we have taken the opportunity to create our latest "masterpiece", the Portrait Drawing Robot.

Where are Artemis' Portrait Drawing Robots?

Our first edition made its debut at the Rocky Mountain BEST Robot Competition where we had the chance to share our efforts with the young budding engineers. Since then, we have built a similar yet enhanced Portrait Drawing Robot for a museum abroad. Not only do these systems generate buzz, but they create additional revenue with pay-per-portrait features since they are an intriguing draw for kids (and parents) of all ages.

Robotics and technology are making breakthroughs in various industries, including the art-scene, so we have combined our engineering skills, creative flair and knowledge in the automation and vision industry to meet that need for various museum exhibits.

Lead the way by having the first Portrait Drawing Robot in North America and let's discuss how we can customize this system to meet your exhibiting needs.

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