Artemis Vision develops Vision Wrangler, which provides pharmaceutical companies with vision based end to end traceability in their process. Patient specific information and/or drug information is extracted from images which are archived on your network. This fully archived traceability helps our clients comply with pharmacy, FDA and California e-Pedigree regulations.

For Manufacturers:

Artemis integrates continuous ink-jet printing equipment to apply datamatrixes with serial numbers to every unit.  Each unit is photographed and relevant serial numbers and images are recorded into the system with a variety of smart cameras.

For Distributors:

Artemis integrates camera systems and barcode readers into your current order picking and order packing process so that each package shipped is tagged and tracked.

For Mail Order:

Artemis allows clients to extract serial number, barcode, and patient-specific information from their picking process so all orders are tracked through the system.