EVOH Detection System

EVOH Detection System

Products: EVOH Layers

EVOH barriers are most widely used in the food industry to help protect products from elements like oxygen and nitrogen, which will lengthen product shelf life. The EVOH layers protect against any bacterial decomposition and will withstand production, shipping, and even storing for longer periods of time. Food and beverage, organics, agriculture, and cosmetics are just some of the industries taking advantage of this type of packaging.

Although this multi-layer protection technology is helpful in the industry, it can also lead to product package spoilage, cracks and leaks if the level of EVOH is incorrect. It is important to be able to detect EVOH levels early in the production process to reduce the amount of time and money potentially lost after shipment. Vision integrator, Artemis Vision, has built an automated EVOH Detection System for manufacturers to implement with current operations to determine EVOH barrier levels more efficiently, and help deliver higher quality end products to customers.

Manual Inspection Processes

The current production process can involve time-consuming manual inspections. In the case of a large Aloe Vera manufacturer, operators cut a section of the bottles with a knife, as not to smear the layers and proceeded to measure the EVOH layer under a microscope. The human measurement process can be lengthy and prone to error, making it unreliable long-term solution. 

How Artemis Automated Inspection

Artemis Vision determined that the Aloe Vera manufacturer wanted to ultimately identify the problem sooner, rather than waiting for the spoilage period to occur to test bottles. Validating the level of EVOH barrier in the bottles before filling can help prevent spoilage issues from emerging later. To provide this efficient in-line system, Artemis has combined proprietary software, system lighting, smart-cameras, PLC controls for triggers and part rejection, and a full featured HMI for analysis and calibration of the system.

System Capabilities

Customers will be able to stay in full control of the production process with the EVOH Detection System. Working with the packaging supplier, manufacturers will determine the appropriate level of EVOH barrier for the product, which can then be relayed to the system. The intuitive system allows the operator to easily start and run the line to the test bottles first for further assurance. After startup and initial testing, the fully automated system can run up to +300 bottles a minute. The rejected bottles are triggered by photo-eyes and sent down an alternate line for analysis. 

The EVOH Detection System can adapt effectively to current processes, and be designed to run online or offline, providing the user with quantifiable and repeatable information for each bottle ran. Rejection scores, EVOH level analysis, and inspection tracking will reduce product spoilage issues and continue to give the manufacturer peace-of-mind after shipment.

Why Choose the EVOH Detection System?

Artemis Vision’s EVOH Detection System is one-of-a-kind on the market and even offers nondestructive inspection techniques, as well as the option to accommodate large, or smaller productions with a single-station operator loaded system.

Industries requiring packaging with the benefits of EVOH also have to be mindful of its potentially harmful effects on product quality. The EVOH Detection System reduces time and costs spent on intensive manual inspections and can eliminate the challenge of defects that are not visible to the human eye. Manufacturers can provide their customers with higher quality products and the assurance of spoilage dates without dealing with the hassles of returns and recalls, and unexplained production issues. Stay in control of the production process with the EVOH Detection System, and continue to keep brand reputation and product quality high without jeopardizing current operations.