Articles & Presentations

Quality Magazine: January 2019 - "Thinking About Quality with Vision," Tom Brennan

Vision Systems Design: September 2018 Webcast - "Embedded and mobile vision system enabling technologies and applications," Tom Brennan

Vision Systems Design: August 2018 Webcast - " Industrial Internet of Things: A look at the role of machine vision technologies in the IIoT," Tom Brennan

AIA Vision Online: June 2018 Webinar - "IIOT & Big Data - The Future of Machine Vision," Tom Brennan

Vision Systems Design: May 2018 Webcast - "How to Deploy Deep Learning Technology in Vision Applications," Tom Brennan

Photonics: April 2018 Webinar - "Selecting the Best Sensor for Your Machine Vision System,"  Tom Brennan

ASQ Inspection Division: June 2018 Issue - "Global Manufacturing Puts Quality and Vision Front and Center", Tom Brennan

Vision Systems Design: Webinar May 2018 - "How to Deploy Deep Learning in Vision Applications", Tom Brennan

ASQ Inspection Division: Webinar March 2018 - "Vision Technology for Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things", Tom Brennan

Photonics Media: Industrial Photonics January 2018 Issue - "Mastering Machine Vision," Tom Brennan 

ASQ Inspection Division Conference 2017 - "visionWrangler() Product Tutorial", Tom Brennan

ASQ Inspection Division: November 2017 Issue - "Sampling vs. 100% Inspection", Tom Brennan

ASQ Inspection Division: July 2017 Issue - "Deploying Vision Technology Successfully in the Factory", Tom Brennan

ASQ Inspection Division: April 2017 Issue - "Why Use 3D Inspection and Imaging?", Tom Brennan