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visionWrangler() combines industrial cameras and optics from industry leaders, in tandem with GS1-compliant image processing software, to provide 100% product inspection, tracking and reporting for stand-alone production systems, or as part of a global network.

visionWrangler()  comes complete with all necessary imaging hardware and software for plug-and-play operation. The standards-based production tracking, quality assurance, and reporting system are compliant with electronic product code information services (EPCIS), making it easy to store and share production data with upstream suppliers or downstream distributors and customers.

visionWrangler() is compliant with standard quality-control packages such as Minitab and InfinityQS, as well as all major production database providers, including Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2. Using barcodes, data matrix or optical character recognition/optical character verification (OCR/OCV) software algorithms, visionWrangler() tracks 100% of production while inspecting each product for quality assurance. Should production equipment fall out of spec, visionWrangler() will text or email technical staff while providing statistical process control (SPC) data to help engineering specialists correct the problem and limit waste. Production data can be exported to customer-defined databases or Excel spreadsheets.

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In addition, visionWrangler() archives actual images of products, creating a verifiable visual trail of each product throughout the manufacturing process, providing key data for track and trace compliance, quality assurance, and process transparency, leading to lower costs and peace of mind. 

Knowing you are covered in case something goes wrong, visionWrangler() gives you "brand insurance" by maintaining visibility, accountability, and credibility with your customers and trading partners.

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