Vision Wrangler Components

Production Watcher Serialization


Each product is physically marked with a unique identifier.  Depending on customer needs this can be printed using an ink jet printer, or etched using a laser printer. Either way it is an industry-standard printer integrated directly into the system. If the requirements dictate that a label be applied, we incorporate the appropriate labeler into the system. Artemis does not force our system on you, we customize the system you need.

Information Capture

Within the production facility, cameras, scanners and/or other sensing equipment is installed to capture data and photographic images. Sensors trigger readers, which confirm that the encoded/printed mark is verified. Simultaneously a photographic image is taken. Custom inspection is performed: look for scratches, anomalies, missing elements, out of spec elements, etc. Our team of experienced engineers know there is an art to this part of the process and we work with you to design the inspection phase of the operation to meet your needs.

Database Integration

Vision Wrangler is compliant with standard quality-control packages such as Minitab and InfinityQS, as well as all major production database providers, including Oracle, SQL Server and IBM DB2. All production data is stored in the database, along with actual images of the product inspections. The database can be accessed locally or if desired, remotely using a standard web browser.

production watcher data alerts


Criteria created by Artemis in conjunction with company and plant personnel can be used to trigger alerts via e-mail and/or text messaging. Out of spec product, or equipment can be quickly corrected and adjusted to alleviate downtime. All alerts are timestamped and stored in the database.

Search and Retrieval

All recorded facets of the monitored system can be searched locally and remotely by authorized personnel using a standard web browser. Milestones of the production path can be verified and a "data-trail" is established complete with images of product for quality-assurance and to reduce liability.