Do the Math

We understand that the example below is something of an oversimplification of the problem. But it does tell the story in a very real way. Think about whatever it is your high-volume manufacturing or distribution automation system does or makes. Consider how much time and effort, and how much you spend, on building the perception of your brand. Now think about how much you might spend on recovering from a quality control issue because you did not have the systems in place to monitor what actually goes down the line and out the door. Machine Vision offers Brand Insurance — you can rest assured that everything that goes out the door passes muster — and saves you money. Not only does it increase the reliability of your product by catching defects, it decreases the liability of having to backpedal to recover the status of your brand in the marketplace.

Add to these hard costs the additional loss of brand credibility that might require an increase of customer service employees to handle complaints, marketing campaigns to reassure the marketplace (and the Street) and refunds for defective products. That final cost could easily double, or worse if you include potential legal fees and settlements.


Alternatively, with a bit of foresight and a comparatively nominal financial investment, a machine vision system can help you avoid the defects in the first place, and supply your company with reliable data about the quality of your product — before it even goes out the door. At each step of the way, the confidence level is increased and that gets passed on to your customers, to the marketplace and ensures your brand a spotless record.

It really is "Brand Insurance".