Who needs Vision Wrangler?

 Vison Wrangler

Vision Wrangler is a standardized tool integrating a printer, a database, a reader, and a vision system.
To serialize and record everything you ship. 

Six Sigma

Manufacturing is difficult. Global leaders must maintain Six Sigma quality or better.  At 3.4 errors per million how can you verify things by hand?  How can you really verify the process isn’t drifting?  How can you really verify the standard applied doesn’t change across facilities or even across shifts within a facility?  For most pharmaceutical applications, six sigma would be a disaster.  The probability of error must be nearly the same as the sun rising in the west. 


Efficient manufacturing demands high uptime.  You can’t let machinery go down, you can’t let machinery produce bad parts to be caught downstream, after significant numbers have been produced at significant cost.  You need to make sure you or the relevant personnel know of a problem immediately.  You need a lean operation.  Margins are slim and parts that don’t meet spec need to be identified immediately.

 Vision Wrangler Workers

False Alarms and the Quality Fire Drill

Thrown into this mix are all the false alarms.  Everyone is on edge.  Complaints will come in left and right, some have merit and some do not.  You need to be able to quickly sort through the noise to determine what’s a shipping problem, what’s an upstream problem and what’s your problem.  If not, the complaints get hotter and before you know it you’re in the midst of a full quality audit over an issue that really isn’t yours.  Quality fire drills drain resources from the real problems you need to be addressing. 

Six sigma and high uptime don’t leave room for errors.  When screw ups do happen we need answers.  Continuous improvement means we need to be able to diagnose exactly what happened and if appropriate make changes so it doesn’t happen again.  Without a system nobody can recall how the event took place.  Nobody can pull together all the records needed to isolate a problem. 

Vision Wrangler Tools 

To do all of this properly you need tools.  No one would ask a mechanic to fix a car without a wrench.  No one should ask a production  manager or quality engineer to get a process dialed in beneath six sigma without serious software tools monitoring their production line.  No one can ask for 99% uptime and minimal scrap without tools to catch scrap as it occurs and alert maintenance as soon as downtime occurs.  No one can ask for quick responses to quality concerns without a tool to pull up results immediately, from anywhere.

You can hire an integrator to put together custom tools or you can use Vision Wrangler.  Vision Wrangler is a standardized tool integrating a printer, a database, a reader, and a vision system. To serialize and record everything you ship. Contact us for more info.