Machine Vision Solutions

Machine Vision Image

Artemis delivers machine vision systems such as Vision Wrangler, to detect defects in products, and provide traceability across multiple locations. We enable businesses to check every product that goes out the door at low cost ensuring repeatable, traceable quality and reducing the risk of catastrophic errors that are easy to underestimate until they happen. This technology ensures the kind of quality that helps move a brand upmarket, commanding higher margins and strong customer loyalty. If you are considering a vision system at your facility first Do the Math, and then talk to us. Our systems provide a range of capabilities, highlights include:

Database Integration We integrate our solutions to your database and can work with partner organizations to link to mobile devices, allowing quality data to be shared securely across the organization
High Speed and Resolution By working with leading camera manufacturers we can match demanding specifications for speed and accuracy
Touchscreen Interfaces We equip our devices with custom touchscreen operator interfaces so they are easy to interact with on the plant floor.