measure pipe threads

3D Pipe Thread Inspection System

A reliable 3D laser-based inspection system measures very small variations in pipe thread dimensions.

How it Works

Our reliable 3D pipe thread inspection system measures the tiniest thread height/depth, etc. variations using a laser scanner, specialized optics, and mirrors. The system is also capable of measuring the complete circumference of the interior of a threaded coupler or exterior pipe threads.
Detailed data can be rendered, compared against a standard, and stored for later analysis.

A Challenge Resolved

Coupler threads are difficult to measure when using mechanical gauges subject to individual use and interpretation. Artemis Vision’s innovative vision system is able to alleviate some of those struggles by automating the measurement process, which makes it repeatable, reliable and efficient. This system has returned highly repeatable thread verification results on numerous oil-field products for a large provider of OCTG pipe products.


CapabilitiesMeasures thread height, thread pitch, and taper
Resolution/Speedup to sub hundred millionths of an inch, with sub 30 second cycle time
ConfigurabilityField configurable