About Us

Artemis Vision builds repeatable, tested vision systems to transform the quality you promise into a system that can guarantee it. We work closely with our customers to test solutions at every step along the development process, so that the theory is realized in a proven system both of us can stand behind. Our goal is always to get the system to the point where the install is simple and turnkey.

We’ve worked with customers on every continent except Antarctica, and know that a quality machine vision system must meet the needs of the operator who runs it and the technician who maintains it. At the same time, it needs to use common components, standard designs, and well-documented logic so it can be ordered, built, and installed quickly, yet work for the long term.

We are an Automated Imaging Association (AIA) Certified System Integrator with multiple AIA Certified Vision Professionals on our team. Additionally, our robust test lab and network of industry partners help drive our process.

Some of our applications:



Defect Detection

3D Inspection