multiple barcode scanner vision system

Drive-Through Barcode Scanning System

This sleek design can be integrated with your forklift or conveyors to rapidly and automatically scan bar codes and improve traceability of returnable containers.

How It Works

A camera or multi-camera array and simple-to-use software system scan barcode labels passing through your dock door. The technology is a more efficient, less expensive alternative to RFID (Radio-frequency identification). A simple Red Light/Green Light interface indicates the scan is complete. All scans are timestamped and instantaneously recorded in the system.

With our optional visionWrangler software, you’ll also get professional reports, alerts, and the ability to access your data anywhere, in real-time.

A Challenge Resolved

Manual barcode scanning introduces human error and profit loss due to unrecovered aftermarket packaging. Our system was designed for a customer who delivers thousands of pallets worldwide and has proved indispensable for recovering and billing for returnable crates all while saving personnel time.

…And Peace of Mind

We provide training and support for every system we deliver.


ResolutionConfigurable down to 10 mil narrow bar width
ConfigurabilityFilter by symbology and code length. Integrates with numerous software systems
ApplicationsLogistics: returnables, reusables, E-Crates, containers, racks, pallets, shipping and receiving operations