Drive-Thru Barcode Scanning System

Drive-Thru Barcode Scanning System

This sleek design can be integrated with your warehouse forklifts and pallet jacks to rapidly and automatically scan barcodes and improve product and shipping traceability.

How It Works

A camera or multi-camera array and simple-to-use software system scan barcode labels passing through your warehouse dock door. Touchless scanning can read barcodes in motion, making stopping the forklift unnecessary. The technology is a more efficient, less expensive alternative to RFID (Radio-frequency identification). A simple Red Light/Green Light interface indicates the scan is complete. All scans are timestamped and instantaneously recorded in the system.

The system can be easily integrated with your existing warehouse management system software, and supports various pallet configurations.

barcode scan system with alerts

Now that it is more key than ever to be able to use contactless scanning technology, you can reduce touchpoints and the need to travel. Improve your supply chain visibility and quality management with professional reports, alerts, and the ability to access your data anywhere, in real-time.

A Challenge Resolved

Manual barcode scanning introduces human error and profit loss because it is slow, labor-intensive, and prone to missed scans and mis-routed pallets. Our barcode scanning system was designed for customers who deliver millions of pallets worldwide. In the case of a client who uses returnable crates it has proved indispensable for recovering and billing all while saving personnel time. And for all our customers, warehouse operations have become more efficient, and they can confirm product and pallets are correctly dispatched to the right truck, shipping more product faster.

…And Peace of Mind

We provide training and support for every system we deliver.

Specifications (base model)

FOV1.5m wide by 2m tall
In-Motion Code Reading19 KPH (12 MPH)
Processes at 5-100ms
Labels2D Barcode: 4mm modules
Working Distance~.5 -3.5m (1.6-11ft)
ConfigurabilityConfigurable for distance, speed, label type. Filter by symbology and code length. Supports single, double, and triple stack pallets. Integrates with any major WMS/ERP system.
ApplicationsShipping and receiving operations, pallets, containers, racks, dock doors, returnables, E-Crates

These specifications are based on our ready-to-deploy base model, but are configurable to your requirements. Various versions of our scanning solutions provide a best fit for your operations to help improve your bottom line. View downloadable material on different configurations and why a barcode scanning solution is a good option to better manage your supply chain and warehousing operations.

Drive thru scanning configurations