Category:  Building Materials

Run faster production with realtime feedback…ensuring extruded materials are produced consistently around the clock. How It Works As materials are extruded, they pass through this system’s slotted enclosure where a high-accuracy laser takes profiling measurements... Read More »

An automated, turnkey vision system easily integrates in-line to provide instant dimensioning results for sheeted and building materials.... Read More »

Speed up your production with micro-hole detection for flat sheets of any size. How it Works We combined a multi-camera line scan system, belt conveyor, and simple software to ensure excellent performance and an effortless... Read More »

The Artemis Vision Steel Plate Surface Inspector verifies that steel plate surfaces are meeting or exceeding standards by scanning one or more sides of steel plates to detect surface defects such as pits, corrosion, cracks,... Read More »

Quickly measure thickness of products with an affordable, ready-to-use inspection kit. A touch panel with friendly interface allows custom configurations and displays clear measurement results. Configure the device for a single laser, or use a... Read More »