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Helps you deliver safe and well-marked products to customers without having to manually check every label. How it Works Our factory-tested and approved system uses a high-resolution camera, high-quality lens, and diffusion-axis lighting. Showcasing unmatched deep learning performance, the system determines presence, orientation, position, and integrity of labels with a customizeable software t

A simple and reliable system takes the headache out of detecting and measuring layers such as EVOH barriers, with accurate, repeatable results.   How It Works We package a camera and high-intensity light source with a simple-to-use software system for quick, repeatable barrier detection and measurement. Measure up to seven layers, within an accuracy of less than a micron. A Challenge

Inspects bottles and containers to ensure caps are sealed correctly and tightly, avoiding costly and time-consuming consequences. How it Works A fully automated solution includes a high-speed camera, lighting, lenses and a photo-eye, which is easily integrated into current production lines. The system is adaptable to high conveyor speeds and is floor-mounted to allow for installation over many con