pharmaceutical cap inspection

Container Cap Verification System

Inspects bottles and containers to ensure caps are sealed and threaded correctly and tightly, avoiding costly and time-consuming consequences.

How it Works

A fully automated solution includes a high-speed camera, lighting, lenses, and a photo-eye, and is easily integrated into existing production lines. The system is adaptable to high conveyor speeds and is floor-mounted to allow for installation over many conveyor types. We’ve ensured that the system is easy-to-use by equipping it with a quality operator HMI that is simple to install, easy to understand, and modifiable for user requirements. As bottles move through the conveyor, the throughbeam photo-eye, located on the leading edge of the bottle or container, triggers if it becomes occluded. The program can complete a robust inspection for specified defects based on configurable pixel tolerances.

This system is easily deployed on current lines to add accountability, repeatability, and accuracy to the production process. With the vision system in place, manufacturers can now store images for historical analysis and can confidently answer questions and concerns from customers.

A Challenge Resolved

Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and consumer good companies alike are facing quality and waste issues on production lines across the country. Tilted and skewed container caps are the result of incorrect cross-threading, which can lead to leaks, waste, and unnecessary costs. Manufacturers in these industries must meet strict quality standards and eliminate any errors associated with incorrectly sealed bottles before they leave the factory.

Artemis Vision worked with a local bottling plant to correct this frustrating problem. The Container Cap Verification System inspects bottles and containers to ensure caps are sealed correctly and tightly before leaving the facility. By eliminating faulty containers from the line prior to shipping, the manufacturer avoids excess waste and costs due to returns, leakage, and spoiled product. The system works to alleviate these problems by simply alerting operators of production issues as they occur, so they can fix them immediately without the costly and time-consuming consequences.


CapabilitiesBottles and containers of any size; up to 100mm cap sizes in a variety of colors
EquipmentHigh-speed camera, lighting, lenses and a photo-eye
SpeedUp to 8,000 bottles per hour