From Self-Driving Cars to Better Factory Floors

Tom Brennan Artemis Vision

Artemis Vision is a machine vision system integrator on a mission to build the best industrial vision systems. Founded in 2010 by Tom Brennan, the company is named for the acute vision of the Greek goddess of the hunt. After working in enterprise software, Tom decided to get back to machine vision, which he had focused on for his computer science degree at Princeton University. Tom leveraged his experience designing algorithms for self-driven cars from college research efforts to build better systems for the factory floor, using next-generation, more flexible algorithms and the rigorous testing procedures required to get vision systems to work in the real world.

Tom took his startup company to Denver the same year it was founded. Since starting as a subcontractor for a machine builder, Artemis Vision has transitioned to developing single systems directly for manufacturers and finally to providing network-wide corporate systems and support contracts for a wide variety of clients, including numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Constant Evolution for Industry 4.0

We now offer a handful of standard product solutions that are best-in-class and deployed all over the world by the organizations that use them. We continue to help companies implement Industry 4.0 with signature applications like our visionWrangler software. We’ve become a go-to machine vision integrator for some of the largest global companies looking to solve the newest vision problems in a way that’s reliable, repeatable and tested. Even if we’re not trying to get self-driving cars through traffic, just trying to inspect a part with machine vision can be tricky. We firmly believe from years of building this technology that the secret is merging flexible algorithms with a test process that brings relevant issues to the surface before the system is installed.

We continue to grow by hiring the best industrial and machine vision engineers and pushing the envelope on system performance and system reliability. We have a sales and support office in Charlotte, NC to supplement the Denver, CO office. As the company has grown, we’ve re-invested our money in building better, more reliable, more field-maintainable systems from our Denver office. We believe that in the industrial market it’s the best vision systems that win over the long run.