An automated, turnkey vision measurement system easily integrates in-line or can be used offline to provide instant length, width, thickness, and squareness for sheeted materials Get rid of the tape measures, avoid unnecessary scrap, and improve production accuracy with instant, non contact measurement
 Capture critical dimensions and defects with an automated inspection system for braided wire to reduce scrap and quality issues from manual inspection How it Works This automated continuous process monitoring system takes measurements of wire and hose for
Speed up your production with automated micro-hole detection on flat sheets of any size How it Works We combined a multi-camera line scan system, belt conveyor, and simple software to ensure excellent performance and an effortless experience for the operator As material travels the conveyor, line scan cameras are encodder-triggered to
A reliable 3D laser-based inspection system measures very small variations in pipe thread dimensions How it Works Our reliable 3D pipe thread inspection system measures the tiniest thread height/depth, etc variations using a laser scanner, specialized optics, and mirrors The system
This non-contact, in-line system provides realtime dimensions of pipe and yields instant measurement feedback to track drift and stop scrap before it happens How it Works This turnkey system combines three high-dynamic range lasers with robust application software, which takes 360 degree measurements