Other Manufacturing

This sleek design can be integrated with your warehouse forklifts and pallet jacks to rapidly and automatically scan barcodes and improve product and shipping traceability How It Works A camera or multi-camera array and simple-to-use software system scan barcode
An automated, turnkey vision measurement system easily integrates in-line or can be used offline to provide instant length, width, thickness, and squareness for sheeted materials Get rid of the tape measures, avoid unnecessary scrap, and improve production accuracy with instant, non contact measurement
Replace manual inspection with an automated system that detects smudges, misprints, and unwanted marks on every label, as well as verifying correct barcodes on labels How it Works This vision inspection system uses deep learning, pattern matching, and optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms to recognize defects, inconsistencies, and incorrect
Run faster production with realtime feedbackensuring extruded materials are produced consistently around the clock How It Works As materials are extruded, they pass through this system’s slotted enclosure where a high-accuracy laser takes profiling measurements and monitors materials
A reliable 3D laser-based inspection system measures very small variations in pipe thread dimensions How it Works Our reliable 3D pipe thread inspection system measures the tiniest thread height/depth, etc variations using a laser scanner, specialized optics, and mirrors The system
Eliminate the eyeball checks for print quality inspections with this automated inspection solution that detects printing errors in patterns How It Works Operators use a barcode scanner to ID the relevant printer and then place a test print in the system, which is trained to recognize associated pass/fail criteria A very
Identifies and corrects misalignment errors that operators and machine grinders tend to miss, meaning faster production times and a more confident manufacturing process How it Works The Angle Detection System meets coining challenges by pairing with a client’s existing CNC Machine to assist in identifying accurate angles on the
This non-contact, in-line system provides realtime dimensions of pipe and yields instant measurement feedback to track drift and stop scrap before it happens How it Works This turnkey system combines three high-dynamic range lasers with robust application software, which takes 360 degree measurements
This efficient system with a small footprint automatically inspects welds to identify welding errors How It Works Cameras and a light-based system inspects the weld puddle from all sides on parts held in place by an actuator Deep learning algorithms enable the system to recognize images of acceptable or
Our system catches any effects of improper windshield lamination before they leave the factory floor, helping you meet high industry standards and ensure customer safety How it Works The Windshield Defect Inspection System
A standalone small part vision inspection solution brings intelligent inspection systems within reach for even the smallest companies The unit is precision-machined from aluminum and can be fitted with a variety of camera and lighting options specifically tailored for inspection requirements After determining the specific requirements for the inspection we build
Quickly measure thickness of products with an affordable, ready-to-use inspection kit A touch panel with friendly interface allows custom configurations and displays clear measurement results Configure the device for a single laser, or use a dual-laser approach to measure material that is moving or not in contact with a reference