defect detection for heat exchanger plates

Micro-Hole Detection System

Speed up your production with automated micro-hole detection for flat sheets of any size.

How it Works

We combined a multi-camera line scan system, belt conveyor, and simple software to ensure excellent performance and an effortless experience for the operator. As material travels the conveyor, the line scan cameras are encodder-triggered to image the part. The inspection system can detect hole defects down to .015″ in a 12ft sheet in under a minute.

A Challenge Resolved

Faulty heat exchanger plates lead to leakage and are a common HVAC headache. Inspecting heat exchangers by manual methods like dye testing is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee 100% inspection. We developed our vision system for a company that was searching for a more efficient and non-destructive testing process. Their existing manual procedure required dye testing for parts that were already assembled. Our Micro-Hole Detection System integrated in-line for quick, 100% inspection, and enabled the manufacturers to catch bad parts pre-assembly.