Software Developer

Job description

We are a small machine vision company in Denver, CO generally focused on industrial markets. The business is growing, so we need another engineer to join us. Given the size of the place we all end up doing a lot of different things and you’ll be handed a lot of responsibility from day one. You’ll discuss solutions with clients directly and then go about implementing them. All the solutions we build accomplish very real-world goals and solve real-world problems of parts on production lines. It’s a very tangible job, solving “how it’s made” for our customers.  We want somebody who is looking to help grow a business and deliver great solutions. We want people who are able to fully focus on building the best systems, yet also pragmatic and flexible enough to work for a small company.

What we do:
We put in turnkey machine vision systems throughout North America. Solutions are programmed here in Denver and then installed at the client site. We also program and license machine vision software and systems that other companies install.

We’re looking for a fellow programmer who is interested in machine vision and building systems from the ground up to exacting levels of quality. Because machine vision often moves into industrial automation, we end up communicating with a lot of embedded devices and dealing with some robotics and motion control. Skills with PLCs are a plus as are database skills (Oracle, MS SQL, MariaDB, etc.). We are programmers ourselves so we certainly understand skills in C++ transfer to C# or Java and vice versa. Every project is very different, and we need people who enjoy challenges and seeing if a given industrial puzzle can be solved and then pursuing that solution to a solid and reliable system.

Most projects are programmed by 1-2 people so there is generally little bureaucracy around interfaces. Typically the system will have 1-4 users at a factory and you will know them by name so there is no guessing about what the hypothetical “user” wants. Part of the job is discussing it with them and letting them tell you what the system needs to do.

Skills & requirements

Approximately 1 week per month or as we often have to work at the client site. Sometimes it’s a programming job in Denver, other times it’s getting a system up and running to the client’s full satisfaction onsite. You will get to see the inside of factories all over the US, Canada, and Mexico. If your inner geek loves shows like “How It’s Made” then you will enjoy exploring the same concept via machine vision. Everything from rocket engines, to ball bearings, to currency at many of the biggest factories in the country. A lot of people will depend on the systems you build in very tangible ways. Travel can vary significantly across projects.

Onsite (in Denver): 
Due to the fact that our solutions are tangible systems, the position is only occasionally suited for work from home. We try to be flexible, but at the end of the day the physical system needs to work and everyone has a timeline. Tangible systems do offer the satisfaction of actually seeing your solution work. We are very committed to delivering the best solutions we can offer and that does require time to work with the system (including user interaction challenges).

Professional Appearance: 
You will need to be able to present a professional appearance onsite in front of customers. The industrial world is not the world of suits but it is not quite “programmer culture” either. We are looking for someone who can bridge the gap between a regimented manufacturing world while still incorporating strong programmer skills. At our office, things can be more relaxed but are looking for someone who can interact with others onsite, in a world that isn’t Silicon Valley.

Access to Customer Sites: 
You will need to meet our customers’ requirements for site access. Customers may require criminal background checks, US citizen, or various additional requests for access to their facilities.

Other requirements: 
We are looking for someone who has 2 to 3 years of experience in a similar application. Must be able to pass a background test and have a valid driver’s license. 

If this sounds interesting, please send a current resume and salary requirements to