Tag:  Defect Detection

Run faster production with realtime feedback...ensuring extruded materials are produced consistently around the clock. How It Works As materials are extruded, they pass through this system's slotted enclosure where a high-accuracy laser takes profiling measurements and monitors materials for consistency. The data is instantly recorded in an easy-to-use interface which alerts users to any deviati

An automated, turnkey vision system easily integrates in-line or can be used offline to provide instant dimensioning results for sheeted and building materials. Get rid of the tape measures, avoid unnecessary scrap, and improve production accuracy with instant, non-contact measurement. How it Works The system combines four compact and accurate laser-measurement sensors and a camera that scans mate

Speed up your production with micro-hole detection for flat sheets of any size. How it Works We combined a multi-camera line scan system, belt conveyor, and simple software to ensure excellent performance and an effortless experience for the operator. As material travels the conveyor, the line scan cameras are encodder-triggered to image the part. The system can detect hole defects to .015" in a 1

Eliminate the eyeball checks for print quality inspections with this automated inspection solution that detects printing errors in patterns. How It Works Operators use a barcode scanner to ID the relevant printer and then place a test print in the system, which is trained to recognize associated pass/fail criteria. A very simple interface includes a button to initiate the inspection and an orange/

Helps you deliver safe and well-marked products to customers without having to manually check every label. How it Works Our factory-tested and approved system uses a high-resolution camera, high-quality lens, and diffusion-axis lighting. Showcasing unmatched deep learning performance, the system determines presence, orientation, position, and integrity of labels with a customizeable software t

Automatically verify the integrity of molded glass vials with detailed precision. How it Works This visual inspection system automatically detects glass vial defects ranging from chipped finishes to malformed bottoms. Designed for smooth transport without causing damage to the vials prior to, during, or after camera inspection, the system uses a starwheel to move the vials through imaging and ca

Replace costly and time-consuming manual inspections and reduce expensive field repair and replacement with this system that identifies surface defects on steel plates. How It Works The Artemis Vision Steel Plate Surface Inspector verifies that steel plate surfaces are meeting or exceeding applicable standards (including MILSPEC, ABS, ASTM) across plates as wide as 13 feet and thicknesses ranging

Inspects bottles and containers to ensure caps are sealed correctly and tightly, avoiding costly and time-consuming consequences. How it Works A fully automated solution includes a high-speed camera, lighting, lenses and a photo-eye, which is easily integrated into current production lines. The system is adaptable to high conveyor speeds and is floor-mounted to allow for installation over many con

This non-contact, in-line system provides realtime dimensions of pipe and yields instant measurement feedback to track drift and stop scrap before it happens. How it Works This turnkey system combines three high-dynamic range lasers with robust application software, which takes 360 degree measurements of pipe to ensure it is meeting quality standards and production specifications. Since offline ch

This efficient system with a small footprint automatically inspects welds to identify welding errors. How It Works A camera and light-based system inspects the weld puddle from all sides on parts held in place by an actuator. A low-profile red/green light instantaneously alerts for pass and fail and a light near the moving block alerts the operator if the part is inserted correctly. A Challenge Re